The Confident Woman Devotional App Reviews

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Finally compatible with iOS7!!!


I just purchased this app and it will not let me open it! Please update for iOS 7

App wont open

Loved this app but since updating my iphone to IOS7, app will not open. I have the same problem with Joyces Love out loud devotional.

Wont open

I just bought this and it wont even open on my phone. Very disappointing. I also have iOS 7


This is normally a fantastic app, as another user stated, I read it every morning, however it isnt compatible with iOS 7 ... update the app please. thanks!

Update Please

The app is not compatible with iOS 7 ( I have the 5). Can you please update the app for people are loosing money buying an app that doesnt work.

I need my daily devotional

Please fix errors, it wont open I need it to open daily like I paid for it to!

Please Fix

Ever since the update every time I try to open the app it crashes! I have all 4 of her Devos and it happens on every one, every time! Please, please fix!

Wont open

I just purchased this and it wont open on IOS 7! I feel ripped off!!

Awesome app

Love the app but not compatible with IOS7. Heard back from the company and they are working in the issue for this and some of their other apps. Hope to have it fixed ASAP

It wont open

It crashes every time I try to open it.

app not working

every since the iOS7 update, the app wont open.... please fix!

Wont open since new software update

Love this app but havent been able to open it since the software update. Please get this fixed!!!

It keeps crashing on me

I love the app but is keeps crashing on me . Can yall fix it soon I want to get back to mi daily reading

Doesnt open! Please FIX!!


Inspirational when it opens

I love this devotional. I find the stories, prayers and scriptures very inspirational but when I open the app it closes and I have to continuously reopen it. Lately it hasnt been working at all. It is well worth the money, if it works.


I just bought this book app and it wont open. Please do something. I dont like wasting money. Please help and fix this problem. I have iOS 7


I am so bummed because I absolutely love this app but it wont let me open it anymore. It just shuts down over and over...

Love the app but wont work for ISO 7

PLEASE FIX IT!!! It crashes on ISO 7!!

App Doesnt Work with iOS7

Ive loved this app since I got it in January, but ever since the iOS7 update, the app will not open so I cannot keep up with the devotions. Very disappointed...I hope this glitch is fixed soon as I paid $9.99 for this app.

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